How To Check Your Bad (Garlic) breath

Garlic breath is obviously caused by eating garlics, some people seem to be neutral with the smell of garlic, other people find garlic breath unbearable as the garlic reacts with bacteria from inside the mouth creating an unpleasant smell. One of the problems with garlic breath is that you are unable to smell the breath yourself, so often you have no idea if your breath smells or not.

For a long time a lot of garlic lovers have resorted to avoid eating garlic altogether or eat lots of peppermint gum after meals in order to less the effect of garlic breath.

However this is usually just a temporary solution, as it only masks garlic breath, however a lot of people have found that garlic changes the small and odour of your entire body, as it reacts with enzymes in the body and makes it’s way into the bloodstream.

Avoiding garlic entirely isn’t a good idea however, garlic has been touted to prevent cancer, and even reduce your body cholesterol, and it’s advised that people should at least take garlic supplements.

However recent research shows that there are more viable ways to deal with garlic breath, milk has been said here reduce garlic breath here. However this method will require you to drink milk with your garlic, so if you can order a glass of milk with your meals, you’re in luck. Although the downside is that it’s rare for people to drink glasses of milk with milk unless it’s breakfast.

The reason why it works is milk neutralises a smell creating compound in garlic called allyl methyl sulphide, and is most effectively used when milk is sipped during a meal containing garlic, because the formula does not work when the food enter stomach.

A Few Tests To Help You Check For Bad Breath

There are numerous ways to test for bad breath, the oldest and most common is.

Ultimate bad breath test

1) Pull your tongue out, and lick the back of your hand using the tongue from as far back as possible
2) Allow the saliva on the back of your tongue to dry by itself, don’t try to smell your hand while it’s drying
3) After a few minutes, smell your licked hand, if it smells then your breath smells.

And in case you are still confused on how to test your breath for bad breath, here’s a video to demonstrate:

Now why is it necessary to test your breath like this?

Contrary to popular opinion, the blow hard and walk into your bad breath or the cup around your mouth and breathe into your nose method, doesn’t really work. Reason being is that our noses learn to ignore out own smells. But removing the saliva from the tongue, and letting it air dry allows the smell of the saliva to change slightly which tricks the nose into thinking that it’s a different smell and therefore the nose starts to smell it.

Causes of bad breath

Oral bacteria accounts for around 90% of bad breath, and a good portion of that is on the tongue, since the surface of the tongue is made up of filiform papillae that have plenty of room for bacteria to live, the bulk of the bad smelling bacteria harbour on the tongue.

Bad breath can also originate from rotten food particles from in between the tooth, where it produces a very foul stench if left to rot for a long period of time, which means flossing very important. Using flossing threads or a waterpick device can help remove a lot of foul smelling food stuck in between the tooth.

Tooth decay is a potential source of bad breath as well, it’s important to make sure you get checked out by a dentist frequently in order to prevent tooth decay, because when decay sets in, the only way to treat it is to use fillings which many people find unsightly.

The throat can also harbour bad breath, it’s wise to make sure you gargle with salty water at least once a day to kill bacteria from your throat and remove bad odour, doing this on a regular basis can also help prevent vascular diseases like coughs, chest infections etc.